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Everything I do, I do to help people. It’s the way I was raised, the tradition I grew up with. It’s the tradition my wife Jennifer grew up with, and it’s how we’ve raised our family.
As a young child, I watched my parents go out of their way to take care of everyone around them. They taught me to work hard, to serve others, and to approach life with humor and joy. And to never give up.
Because of them, and because of who I am, I believe in going the extra mile for everyone I know. With kindness, generosity, and respect. To me, the real estate business is not about houses or sales. It’s about people. Hopes, dreams, and emotions all come into play, and I work hard to meet each person exactly where they are.
My deep empathy for others stems from childhood and young adulthood spent trying to hide my dyslexia. I learned how to charm, how to deflect, and eventually, how to move forward with confidence.
I’m a pick-up-the-phone kind of guy. I want to know how you’re doing, what you’re thinking, and how I can help you. It goes way beyond a transaction.
Here’s an experiment I suggest people try when they’re looking for a real estate agent. Call them. See who picks up the phone. 
My life, like all of our lives, has had its ups and downs. I’ve built and lost businesses and experienced the triumphs and tragedies of life. 
Through it all my values have not wavered. That’s why I sell differently. I know that people sell their homes and move for many reasons. Maybe they’re empty nesters who want something smaller. It could be about a divorce or other major life event. Or maybe they’re finally ready to purchase their dream home. 
When I am working with someone, it might be in a small, modest home outside of Oklahoma City or it might be what we might call a mansion in a beautiful gated community. It matters not one iota to me which. My appreciation is the same. My dedication is the same. I’ll be there one hundred percent of the way and if you’re my client, you become a friend for life.
That’s the Oliver way.


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